Sendratari Ramayana, Drama in Traditional Java Dance

Ramayana Balley performance art that is beautiful, and amazing . The show is able to unify Java multiformity art form of dance, drama and music in one stage and one momentum to pass the Ramayana story, a legendary epic written by Walmiki in Sanskrit.

Ramayana story that brought on this show is similar to that curved at Prambanan Temple. As many told, the story of Ramayana that curved in the Hindu Temple is similar to the story in oral tradition in India. The way of the long story is be parted in four innings, kidnapping Sinta, Anoman mission to Alengka, Kumbakarna and Rahwana death and Remeeting of Rama and Sinta.

All the stories in the series brought by the movement of the dancers and accompanied with the beautiful gamelan music. You start to really late in the story and read every movement of the dancers to learn the story of the road. There is no dialogue terucap from the dancers, the only speaker is sinden story that describes the way through the songs in the Java language with a unique voice.

The story begins when Prabu Janaka a contest to determine the assistant Shinta Dewi (puterinya), which eventually won Rama Wijaya. Proceed with the adventure Rama, Shinta and brother of a man named Rama Laksmana in the forest Dandaka. In the forest that they met Rahwana who want to have because it is considered as Shinta Dewi Widowati incarnation, a woman who has long been dicarinya.

To attract Shinta, a change Rahwana followers named Marica a Kijang. Business is successful because it attracted Shinta and Rama memburunya request. Laksama after a long search for Rama never again be abandoned while Shinta and given a magic circle that can not be abducted Rahwana. Protection because it fails to successfully Shinta rapt after Rahwana change themselves into her Durna.

At the end of the story, Shinta successful return of the seized by Hanoman Rahwana, a mercurial figure monkey and brave. However, when brought back, Rama Shinta would not trust it again and thought that has been stained. To prove the purity itself, are required to burn raganya Shinta. Shinta purity as evidenced raganya least it does not burn but increases beautiful. Rama also eventually receive back as a wife.

You will not be disappointed when the show to enjoy this perfect because not only dance and music are prepared. Lighting is such that not only a ray of dumb, but is able to describe certain events in the story. Similarly, in the trappings of each dancer, not only beautify but also able to describe the character of leaders diperankan so that spectators can easily identify even though there is no dialogue.

You also can find not only dance but also interesting scenes such as football games and get the fire dancers act. Game ball of fire that can be found prepossess Hanoman type that will be burned alive thus successfully burn Alengkadiraja kingdom Rahwana property. While the tumbler can be found when the war with the Hanoman pursuivant Rahwana. Shinta game when the fire would burn itself also to be witnessed.

In Yogyakarta, there are two place to witness the Ramayana Ballet. First, Purawisata in Yogyakarta, located in the Brigjen Katamso Road, east of Sultan Palace. In a record-breaking has been the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) in 2002 after the ballet stage every day without ever been absent for 25 years, you will get the dinner package at the same time see the ballet. Watching the other place is in the Prambanan Temple, the place of the original story of Ramayana terpahat in candinya relief.

View One The Java Dance and hear The sound of the traditinal music call Gamelan(Java)