Sendratari Ramayana

Brought by more than 250 dancers in the original place :
Ramayana Open Stage & Trimurti Stage in Prambanan Temple complex - Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Ramayana is the best example of the Javanese story that curved on the wall of Siwa Temple in the Prambanan temple complex legacy. Prambanan Ramayana version is quite different from the original stories in India, it reflecting the adaptation of Javanese culture for centuries.

Currently, the Ramayana is adapted for performing arts only. Since 1960, hundreds of dancers have represented the ancient story of relief in an stage located in the Prambanan complex, the western part of the temple. Basically, as a traditional dance drama without long dialogue call as Sendratari Ramayana - acronym of Seni Drama dan Tari, or drama and dance - is a good director with heroism, tragedy, romance and persecution to satisfy the audience. The dances are represented under the moon-ray withthe background of temple Roro Jonggrang.

Ramayana story consists of four episodes, with one episode each night staging, which were from 07.30 until 09.30 at night for four nights in a row, each month from May until October. Stories were full in the Stage Trimurti every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, which brought more than 50 professional dancers